Cochliodon soniae L137

Cochliodon soniae L137

common name:  L137

synonym: None

habitat: Rio Tapajos basin

temperature: 24-27°C

size: about 25-30 cm

food:  Eats every common food. There should be enough vegetable food. 

aquarium size: One can be cared in 120x50cm but it is more interesting

 if they live in a litte group. Therefore the aquarium should have a minimum of 150x50cm. 

socialization: Can be easily kept with almost every fish. If the aquarium is too small there can be problems with other Plecos or bottom-oriented cichlids. 

reproduction: Not yet 

remark: The real Cochliodon soniae has his habitat in the Rio Tapajos basin and has blue eyes. Often in the trade there are Cochliodn basilisko from Paraguay, but these have brown eyes.