middle Rio Orinoco

There is not much to say about the water values at the middle Orinoco.

The water is the most time with around 28°C very warm and the water is a little bit acid and soft.

In the rainy season, the water also can be a litte bit colder and in the dry season in some ponds up to 32°C warm.

The fishes from this region should also kept in this warm, soft and little acid to neutral water.

In this Biotop there are also many different fishes like several Andinoacara and Aequidens species/types. But there are also many little and bigger Tetras and Catfishes and other Cichilds like several Crenicichla, Hypselecara coryphaenoides or Acaronia vultuosa.

As in many other Biotops, the Biotops at the middle Orinoco can look very different, but in contrast to many other Biotops, there could be, in sunny areas with not a big flow, many water plants.