Rio Xingu

The Rio Xingu is one of the two big southern inflows of the lower course of the Amazon.

In the Rio Xingu there are many rapids.

The water values are as at many other places in south america. The water is a little bit acid, soft and with 28°C quite warm.

So fishes from there also should be kept in water with a high oxygen level and a strong current. Except  you keep fishes, from which you know, that they do not like a strong current, like Peterophyllum or Mesonauta.

As I said, there are many rapids in the Rio Xingu and many crevices, in which many Plecos are living. This biodiversity is endangered because of the Belo Monte dam project. In the Rio Xingu there are also living many Cichlids (Peterophyllum scalare, several Mesonauta, Geophagus and Crenicichla), Acnodon normani and many other big and little Tetras.

The habitats of the Rio Xingu are characterized by many rocks and stones, which cause many big rapids. But in the Bays there is a lot of wood and leaves.