Mesonauta festivus Blue Face

Mesonauta festivus

common name:  Flag Cichlid

synonym: none

habitat: Rio Madre de Dios Peru, catchment area of the Rio Mamore/Guapore Bolivia, Rio Tapajos, Rio Xingu, federal state Amapa Brasil, also in the catchment are of the Rio Paraguay

temperature: The southern populations need it a litte bit colder with about 22-28°C, and the northern a little bit warmer with 25-32°C.

size: about 15 cm

food: Eats every common food. There should be enough vegetable food. 

aquarium size: A little group can live in 150x50cm if it is well structured. A pair can live in 120x50cm, but if they are not breeding they live all the time in a group. 

socialization: They could be easily live with smaller and larger fishes if they are not to aggressive.  Small tetras could be eaten

reproduction: They are breeding on a substrate

remark: This species is, if you look after the name, this is the most common species in the trade, but most times it is Mesonauta guyanae. Which could easily be distinguished by the net pattern above the crossbar.