Mesonauta guyanae

Mesonauta guyanae

common name: Flag Cichlid

synonym: None

habitat: Guyana, Brazilian Amazon Basin 

temperature: 24-28°C

size: about 15cm

food:  Eats every common food, but there should be enough vegetable food.

aquarium size: A little group could live in 150x50cm if it is well structured, but it is not sure. A pair can live in 120x50cm. 

socialization:  They can be easily cared with smaller and larger fishes if they are not too aggressive.  Small tetras could be eaten. 

reproduction: They are breeding on a substrate.

remark: This species is the most common in the trade, but they are often declared as Mesonauta festivus.

Each of them has his own character. If they are from one breeding, maybe you could care them in a group. If they are wild collected it is almost impossible to care them in a group.